Bowen Island Outing

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From a trip taken to Bowen Island a few weeks ago. My favourite portraits to take are those of children. So much intensity and freedom.        

Riff on this

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Here we are again. The 10th of the month. The day when we show our take on a picture shared by one of the ladies in our group. This month Cherish shared one of her pictures, below. This picture is very soft. I feel that this woman is quite playful with her gesture of covering […]


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This is real life with all its curves and hills. It’s never pretty. It is beautiful, stunning, at times surreal. It is also raw, emotional and down right challenging. This is my reality Real and raw Beautiful Exasperating and exciting Looming on madness Walking on eggshells

Riff on this

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It is the 10th of the month and we are continuing with our Riff On This project with my lovely talented lady photographer friends. This post feels apt following International Woman’s Day on March 8. The lovely Meghan invited us to Riff on this below image of hers. I feel that it is an image […]

Be in it

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Sometimes, just sometimes we have to be in the picture. We have to stand in front of the camera or look at our reflection and click that shutter. It is only a moment. One to be remembered. One to be cherished. Because if we do not grab this moment, another one like it will not […]