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I am from carved stones
intricately designed crosses
I come from rugged mountains
climbed and descended
I am from loud voices
negotiations seeped in familiarity
I am from dreams
beauty and hope
I am from ware and conflict
sadness and grief
I am from love and survival
against the odds
I am from a language
unique and beautiful
I am from two worlds
neither here nor there
and belong to neither
I am from certainty
I am from dances
expressed with graceful hands
I am from a life
sometimes so beautiful
I am from snowy peaks
one small and one big
I am from life
lived and unlived
I am from the voice
that speaks for others

I am from wonder
at this world
I am from a land
of poets and dances
I am from Nescafe
mixed with hot milk
I am from sabhiyes
women, coffee and gossip
I am from many languages
all mixed into one
I am from checkpoints
at airports and countries
I am from reasoning
when there is understanding of reason (reason to understand)
I am from a diaspora
dispersed within
I am from generosity
of a father, self made and proud
I am from watermelon
with feta on warm nights
I am from the sea
right opposite me
I am from grandmothers
memories of church, culture and language
I am from those memories
remaining strong to this day